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Have a quick look at the status of CI projects from the command line.


quickCI allows to have a quick overview of the status of build jobs on several CI services, for a specific branch of the repository being built. Currently, quickCI supports checking build status for the following CI services:

More services to come!



  1. Create a config file (it will be located in ~/.config/quickci/tokens.json):

    $ quickci config create
  2. Replace placeholders with your own authentication tokens:

    $ quickci config update <service> <token>
Available services are:
  • Travis CI: travis

  • CircleCI: circle

  • AppVeyor: appveyor

  • Buddy: buddy

  • Drone: drone

  1. Check that everything is correct:

    $ quickci config show

Check build status

Check the build status of your projects:

$ quickci status

The build status of your Travis CI, CircleCI, AppVeyor, Buddy and Drone projects will be returned (master branch). If you want to monitor one specific branch of your repositories (suppose you have many repos with a dedicated dev branch for development), you can easily add the --branch <branch_name> option:

$ quickci status --branch dev

If the --branch option is not provided, the build status of the master branch will be retrieved by default.

If you want to check one specific repository, you can provide the --repo <reponame> option:

$ quickci status --repo my_repo

It is obviously possible to combine the --repo and --branch options to check a given branch of a specific repository.

It is also possible to check a specific service using subcommands of quickci status:

$ quickci status travis
$ quickci status circle
$ quickci status appveyor
$ quickci status buddy
$ quickci status drone

These subcommands also accept the --branch and --repo options. If the token for a specific service is not listed in ~/.config/quickci/tokens.json, it is possible to provide it using the --token <service_token> option:

$ quickci status travis --token <TravisCI token>

Please refer to the Usage section of the documentation for further information.


quickCI can be installed using pip (Python>=3.6 only):

$ pip install quickci

Please refer to the Installation section of the documentation for further information.


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